Social Media Existentialism

When I started this blog, I hit the reset button on Twitter. I had enjoyed using it daily (OK, every 10 minutes or so) since 2008, but I was getting burnt out on it.

I was also really interested in engaging with the pen community on Twitter, but I was gun shy about doing it. I had around 750 followers, mostly centered around my day job in technology. It seemed weird to suddenly start hitting them with the pen obsession fire hose. I also didn't feel like juggling multiple Twitter accounts. So, I started over.

It was definitely a slice of humble pie to be tweeting to an audience of about five people for the first week or two, but it was a great decision in the end. I pretty much instantly started to love Twitter again, and I've been having great interactions with folks in the pen community ever since.

Lately, I've been burnt out on Instagram. I enjoyed using it for personal photos for quite a while, but for the last year or so I've been carrying my "good camera" with me nearly everywhere. So, my Instagram usage has really dropped. When I do pop on there, I worry about overwhelming pen friends with too much personal stuff and overwhelming normal other friends and family with too much pen stuff. (Yes, I'm overthinking it, but that's just how I tick.)

In any case, I've decided to hit the reset button on Instagram as well. I have a feeling that it will reingite my enjoyment in the same way that my Twitter reboot did. I'll still likely post some occasional personal and off-topic stuff. The idea is to be human, after all. But I want to align my Instagram use more with this blog and the broader community that it fits into.

So this is a few hundred words too many to say, "Let's have some fun on Instagram." You can find me @ModernStationer.

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