Finding a Unique Voice

I deliberated quite a bit before starting this blog. There are so many great pen, paper, and writing blogs out there already. I questioned whether I could bring a unique voice to the topic.

I ultimately decided to take the plunge with the following specific goals in mind:

  • I will do some product reviews, but I plan to put as much focus as possible on making modern life easier and more enjoyable by putting pen to paper.
  • When I do review products, I plan to focus more on testing paper products with a fairly consistent "control set" of pen/ink/nib options.
  • I am going to put a lot of effort into discovery of unique, well-crafted paper products from independent designers and printers.
  • I also plan to put the spotlight on some of the creators themselves.
  • As a relative newcomer to the hobby, I hope to bring a beginner's perspective that makes the community even more approachable than it already is.

I still have much to learn about the world of pens and paper, but I hope that sharing my journey here will provide some value to others.

Doug Lane @douglane