Bullet Journal Kickstarter Campaign

It's a safe bet that this site wouldn't exist had I not stumbled upon the Bullet Journal system.

The system itself is not rocket science, but it's simple, adaptable, and presented in a very approachable way. It was the starting point that helped me make paper work for me again.

The post I wrote in June about adapting Bullet Journal for my needs is the most visited post on my site most days. This speaks to the hunger that is out there for some type of online community for Bullet Journal idea sharing.

Today, Bullet Journal creator Ryder Carroll launched a new Kickstarter campaign to make it possible to submit and discover new ideas at bulletjournal.com.

He's also partnering with with Leuchtturm1917 to create a special limited edition Bullet Journal notebook.

Check out the Kickstarter page to learn more.

I'm in.

Doug Lane @douglane