What is a Pen?

A pen is a satisfying tool to use for its intended purpose.

A pen is a piece of design to admire or critique.

A pen is a history lesson. It's a slice of time that I want to remember. Or sometimes, it's a connection to a time that I didn't experience but wish I had.

A pen is a way for me to step away from the computer screen and work with my hands for a while.

A pen is a way to be alone with my thoughts. The ideas I'm most proud of didn't come from a push notification, Twitter stream, or Google search. They came from me.

A pen is a puzzle to be solved. Add some ink and paper, and it's many puzzles.

A pen is an escape from reality. It may look like I'm trapped in a pointless meeting, but I'm not. My hobby is sitting right in front of me.

A pen is a key to my kind side. I use it to convey positive thoughts and feelings much more than negative ones.

A pen is a throttle for my angry side. If I use it to express displeasure, it's only after careful consideration.

A pen is a connection to you. We've probably never met, and we may have few things in common. But I'm glad you're here, and I hope that pens bring you the same joy they bring me.

Happy Friday!

Doug Lane @douglane