The Kansas City Royals' Hallmark Moment

If you're on the fence regarding who to root for in the 2014 World Series, it's worth noting that stationery nerdery is in the Kansas City Royals' DNA.

Todd Radom, the go-to guy for all things sports branding, has a great post up about how 15 artists from Kansas City-based Hallmark competed to create the Royals' logo:

The winning artist was Shannon Manning—a White Sox fan at the time. A package designer at Hallmark, Manning’s now-familiar crown logo embraced the dominant corporate branding style of the late ’60s—a relatively simple visual featuring minimal typography, enclosed within a bold, graphic geometric shape. Contemporary and striking (especially in the context of the world of sports identity at the time,) Manning’s work holds up remarkably well today.

I would have gone with the psychedelic cow logo personally, but that's just me.

Doug Lane @douglane