Lagom Magazine

The Swedish word "lagom" is loosely translated as "just the right amount." That's exactly the vibe that Elliot and Samantha Stocks capture with Lagom, a new magazine that celebrates people making a living from their passion.

I opted to receive Lagom in print form, but it's offered as a PDF-based electronic edition as well. (A native iPad version is in the works.)

The production quality of the print magazine is stellar. The visual layout, photography, paper quality, and matte printing style all come together in a distinctive and appealing way.

A few of my favorite articles from issue one are:

  • "The Great Divide" – A small design studio evolves into a combination design studio and stationery shop.
  • "Pressing Times" – Legendary typographer and designer Erik Spiekermann offers a first-person look at his "retirement" gig as a letterpress printer.
  • "A Type of Nostalgia" – A writer discovers the romance and joy of vintage typewriters.

I really love Lagom's globally inclusive feel. It originates in Bristol, UK and includes contributions from around the globe.

Lagom publishes bi-annually. If, like me, you yearn for the occasional offline reading escape but don't like having magazines pile up, Lagom is worth a look.

Doug Lane @douglane