The Itinerant Printer

One of the (many) great things about letterpress printing is that it's dominated by small shops in far-flung places. While there is plenty of excellent work coming out of the usual creative spots like New York and San Francisco, many of the great letterpress items I stumble upon hail from smaller cities and towns.

Chris Fritton, aka The Itinerant Printer, is going to spend 2015 visiting letterpress shops throughout the United States. He's hitting the big cities, but he's also stopping in places like Kane, PA, Mason City, IA, and Magdalena, NM. At each stop, he'll be making prints with a local shop and sending them out to IndieGoGo supporters.

I'm looking forward to receiving some surprise letterpress goodness in my mailbox and learning about some new print shops along the way.

You can get in on the fun over at The Itinerant Printer IndieGoGo page.

Doug Lane @douglane