Founding Baron Fig

Joey Cofone, one of the founders of Baron Fig, is writing a series of posts on Medium about the journey from idea to thriving business.

I’ve been enjoying the deeper look at the now familiar Baron Fig backstory. There are also some great lessons mixed in that apply to any new venture. For example:

Far too often I see new entrepreneurs try to start something with people who have the same skills. (I can’t tell you how many designer or developer duos I’ve met.) Sure they can relate to each other, they both speak the same technical language, but they’re also making each other redundant. At such an early stage there’s no need to have two people with the same abilities. And that was the premise behind partnering with Adam and Scott — we had almost zero overlap in knowledge, experience, and technical skill.

Most entrepreneurship tales have a “we’re the smart guys that figured it all out” smugness to them, but Joey strikes a nice balance between pride and humility in his storytelling.

You can find the full series over on Medium.

Doug Lane @douglane