Modern Stationer is Now Lane Changes

It's time to try something different. I love pens and paper as much as ever, but my drive to test and write about new stationery products has waned (in case you hadn't noticed). I still try new pens and notebooks occasionally, but it's not for the sake of curiosity and experimentation like it once was.

Focus is good when you're writing online. I don't think I would have gained momentum with the site if I hadn't focused it so narrowly on pens and paper. It prevented my attention from scattering too much, and it made it easier for kindred spirits in the pen community to find me.

But over time, I lost momentum. I tried to regain it a couple of times, but I was unsuccessful. It's not because I've run out of things to say about pens and paper. I have several partially written drafts that will likely turn into decent posts someday. I just find other interests pulling me in whenever I can steal some free time.

Rather than continuing to feel bad about that, I've decided to broaden the scope of my personal writing. As a step in this direction, I changed the name of Modern Stationer to Lane Changes. No, I'm not pivoting to become an autonomous vehicle blog. The new name is a play on my surname and the fact my posts will be moving across a more diverse set of interests.

I considered keeping Modern Stationer separate and intact for occasional stationery posts and starting a new blog for unrelated topics. But I ultimately decided that having one primary place for everything would keep things simpler and maximize my chances of success.

The site is configured to continue resolving URLs. So, if you happen to have linked to me in the past, those links should remain functional.

I hope the change isn’t too jarring to people who showed up here expecting a focused stationery blog. I also hope you’ll stick around for a bit to see where I take this.

Doug Lane @douglane