Developing My Video Skills

I’ve aspired to improve my video skills for a long time. As much as I enjoy writing and still photography, there is something uniquely powerful about a well-produced video. It can present a large amount of dense information efficiently. It can bring far-flung places and people to life. It can be wonderful raw and unfiltered, but it can also serve as a medium for thoughtful creativity.

I’ve worked with video quite a bit in the past, but it has always been in fits and starts. I have the basic skills to pull off a respectable work or family video, but I haven’t done it with enough frequency to truly get good at it. It generally involves struggling to summon forgotten skills while racing against a product launch or event deadline.

I decided that 2017 is going to be the year in which I develop my video chops. My goal is to be able to communicate through video with a healthy balance of quality and efficiency. I'd also like to explore some different styles of videos and settle on some that suit my personality and desired subject matter.

I got started on this in December and made some solid progress during a week away from work between the holidays. While I’m still too early in my own learning process to provide much sage wisdom, I am going to “learn out loud” through a series of posts over the coming weeks.

Doug Lane @douglane