A Microblogging Experiment

I've been in a funk with all things writing and social media. My writing on this site fizzled out (again). I haven't posted on Twitter or Facebook in months. I show up on Instagram occasionally, but it’s spotty.

But I’m starting to shake the rust off through some experimentation with microblogging. If you’re not familiar with the concept, the general idea is to post short, “tweet-like” snippets at a web domain that you control (with optional cross-posting to social networks).

Worst case, you don’t end up with years of short-form content that only exists on Twitter or Facebook. Best case, some of your short posts build momentum towards longer blog posts once you get some mojo going.

My first exposure to microblogging was Manton Reece’s Micro.blog Kickstarter project. I backed it without any real plan for if and how I would use it. I just liked the idea and appreciated Manton’s previous work.

It took me a couple of attempts to settle into a microblogging approach, but I’ve started to find a rhythm with it. It’s even tricked my brain into writing a couple of longer posts.

I’m going to take the next step and begin incorporating microblog posts into this site. So if you see some shorter posts and captioned photos pop up here, that’s why. I may also migrate some of my older Micro.blog posts over, so apologies if that creates some one-off noise in the feed.

Once I get that housekeeping done, I’ll make some different RSS feeds available to let you choose between receiving all posts or only certain types (e.g., full posts, snippets, photos, etc.).

Meanwhile, if you’re experiencing social media or blogging fatigue yourself, I’d encourage you to check out Micro.blog.

Send me a message if you’d like to give it a try. I have some invitation codes that I’m happy to share. And if you’re already on there, follow me and say hi.

Doug Lane @douglane