Friday Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite observations from this week:

iOS Sharing Extension

We got another big app enhancement this week with the addition of an iOS sharing extension. The initial implementation makes it very easy to flip URLs or photos from other iOS apps right into a new post with a couple of taps.

Like’s iPad drag and drop functionality, the sharing extension allows photos with any aspect ratio to be posted through the iOS app. This preserves the simplicity of square photos with filters in the main app interface while providing a “power user” option to post non-square photos from both the iPhone and iPad.

Halloween Highlights

The introduction of a new pin brought out the fun and creativity on Halloween. Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolfman Jack and sick (but cute) llama were a couple of my favorite photo contributions. A haiku movement also started to spin up.

Random Delights

Here are a couple of unrelated items from my favorites list that brought a smile this week:

  • This week’s eBay rabbit hole is typewriters, courtesy of @kulturnation.
  • I’m not sure if it’s the sharing extension, coincidence, or my imagination, but it seems like people are stepping up their photo game. A couple of favorites came from @schuth and @kirbyt.
Doug Lane @douglane