Migrating from Squarespace to Micro.blog

Reading about how Micro.blog’s new Wordpress migration tool works got me wondering whether it would work for Squarespace as well. Squarespace has a nice feature that allows you to export your site into a Wordpress-compatible XML file. You can find it under Settings > Advanced > Import/Export.

I was a bit hesitant to just let it rip and see what happens, but Manton was kind enough to take a quick look at a sample file and confirm that it’s the same format that the Micro.blog migration tool expects to see. So, I gave it a try and was pleased to find that it worked quite well. I have a small number of manual cleanup tasks to complete, but they are mostly issues of my own creation and likely no worse than they would have been coming from a native Wordpress install.

I still need to work out a game plan for domain names, DNS, and URL redirects before I pull the plug on my Squarespace site, but I’m excited that the heavy lifting is now done.

Doug Lane @douglane