Friday Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite observations from this week:

Music Monday

On Monday, several separate music discussions popped up on I struggle with new music discovery, so I was hoping this would happen sooner or later.

@apulianasphoto from a Dream Theater show prompted a flurry of progressive rock talk, and others shared music picks ranging from classical to French alternative.

New Tools to Play With

One of the perks of having so many indie blog enthusiasts in one place is that useful tools just show up.

This week, I enjoyed:

  • Setting up an RSS feed of my Instagram timeline using a web app by @snarfed that @jeremycherfas pointed me and some others to
  • Playing around with a “not even alpha” version of Evergreen, @brentsimmons’ forthcoming RSS reader for the Mac
  • Jump-starting my Christmas shopping with Gftbot, a fun web app that @jack shared

I haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet, but I’m also looking forward to checking out the Pythonista script that @jbwhaley shared for posting to from the Drafts app.

52 Shirts

I’ve occasionally seen @sketchbookb post original t-shirt designs to, but I finally took the time to take a closer look what he’s doing. He’s designing a new shirt every week for a year and accompanying each new design with an explanatory blog post.

I enjoyed the design and backstory of “First Tree”, his latest design. Some of my other favorites are “Instant”, “Rogue Teacher”, “Cursive”, and “Angry Moderate”.

All of the shirts are for sale on Threadless, and if you diligently check out the links I shared above, you might even find a holiday coupon code for 20 percent off.

Doug Lane @douglane