Entrepreneur Speed Dating

I volunteer for a non-profit called Entrepreneurship for All. It’s a different kind of startup accelerator program. It surrounds people who want to start a small business with a team of two or three mentors from the local business community, along with a classroom curriculum and cash prize pool.

One thing I really love about EforAll is its geographic focus. It’s not a big city thing. The program serves Massachusetts “gateway cities” — places that have diverse populations, many challenges, but also significant potential.

Tonight, we kicked off the latest accelerator with an evening of “speed dating”. Each entrepreneur and mentor met one-on-one for six minutes to discuss their backgrounds and the basics of the entrepreneur’s business concept.

Based on how we scored each other, our schedule compatibility, and some other behind-the-scenes magic, we’ll be grouped into teams and spend the next three months getting a kick-ass business off the ground together.

The process is really fun and interesting, so I’ll try to write about it a bit more along the way.

Doug Lane @douglane