Fifty-Two Places

A few years ago, I completed a “Project 365”, taking and sharing one photo per day for a year. I was a beginner at using a “real camera” at the time, and the push to take a decent photo every day really helped me improve my skills. But there were downsides to the daily cadence as well. I always had to be thinking about the next photo, so I never found the time to work on more advanced shooting and editing techniques.

I’m going to see if I can achieve the best of both worlds this year by attempting a weekly photo challenge. I considered following the Dogwood Photography prompts, but I decided to keep it simple and do my own thing.

Each week, I’ll simply take a photograph of a place that I like or find interesting. Along with the photo, I’ll include some words about why the place is significant to me, as well any shooting or editing techniques I worked on during the week.

Hopefully, this approach will apply just enough pressure to get me out with my camera regularly, while also giving me enough breathing room to have fun and develop my skills.

Feel free to play along if you’d like, either with the “fifty-two places” theme or your own subject matter.

Doug Lane @douglane